We are always invested in our opinions and beliefs.

To say we are invested is to suggest we are also static, or inflexible. I think it’s important to first point out… this is normal. 

Each of us has had a number of years on the planet, full of experiences. There really is no way [that I have found] to avoid this process, short of not being born or time travel.

What’s the point?

It is our experiences that leads to the creation of opinion and belief. Since we had an experience, it seems to us that those opinions and later, beliefs must be true. Therefore we become invested.

No big deal.

Until it gets challenged. That’s when we see just how invested we are in our opinions and beliefs, because we experience our own resistance to something different. It’s called conflict.

Here are 3 simple, immediate steps Durga Ma presents to peacefully confronting inner-conflict and getting some perspective on the situation.

First, imagine yourself in a situation where your opinion/belief is being challenged in what feels like a confrontational way… (don’t worry, it won’t last.)

Now take your conflict through these 3 simple steps and pay attention to the language.

  1. Be willing to be right

  2. Be willing to be wrong

  3. Be willing to take a different point of view, about anything.

Now, take a moment and notice how you feel…

The mind is an amazing tool, and thoughts are powerful. They effect every aspect of our being and can create or destroy. Being able to effectively work within our own minds to open and create space is invaluable for personal and spiritual growth.

Space = Freedom

When you have freedom, you have the capacity to resolve the conflict. Within yourself, and with others.

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