Start where you are with what you have.

The secret to success is knowing where to start. Building a good foundation is essential to not only growth, but sustainability.

Your growth will be in proportion to your commitment, but commitment is subject to change when we have a lot of responsibilities and obligations.

What does that mean?

In Successful Meditation Techniques, we do something revolutionary… we take your commitment and make it effortless and automatic. Seriously.

The benefits of meditation are widely known these days and yet, the number one comment we often hear is “I should meditate more, I know it’s good for me.”

Successful Meditation Techniques deals with three things, and these three things are HUGE.

 1. What meditation actually is, how it works, and how to do it successfully

So you can…

 2. Create a unique, and effortless practice that is enjoyable, based on your lifestyle and what you want.

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How does it work?

You get 12 weeks to complete 7 life-transforming lessons, at your own pace, on your own time, as it suits you and your schedule.

In your weekly lessons, you will find…

  • 5-10 minute reading assignment

  • Personal experiment section to apply your knowledge in your own life without added effort

  • A short daily meditation assignment

  • Bonus supplementary material to support your meditation and personal experiments

If you choose the personal coaching option, check in live once a week for a live session with a certified ISLAdevi teacher to receive

  • the opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on content

  • connect with other students doing the same program

  • get the support and inspiration to keep going and stay committed!

What is your weekly time commitment?

(about 90 minutes per week – out of 10080 and an optional hour to connect)

  • 5-10 minutes to read the lesson
  • 10 minutes a day to meditate
  • An hour a week to join the LIVE coaching call with questions, clarifications, and experiences

What is the financial investment?

The value of this program is $2295 with personal coaching. We are offering it at a drastically reduced price, to support and encourage you to invest in yourself. Our intention is to remove obstacles between you and the You that has been waiting for you, to step into your best life for the betterment of the world… that is what we are about.

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You save $1800

*CONTACT ANANDI for special organizational rates for groups and scholarship opportunities for financial hardship

And you get…

  • An easy step-by-step process in weekly lessons

  • Clear, grounded knowledge in simple terms 

  • Powerful experiments to integrate the concepts in your own body and mind without extra effort, leading to an automatic and effortless meditation practice.

  • Bonus materials to enhance your experience and make everything easier (meditation music, timers, etc)

  • A weekly LIVE coaching call on zoom (video conference) with a certified teacher of ISLAdevi to answer questions, clarify content, and cheer you on!

So you can…

  • Decrease overwhelm, pain, and energy leaks

  • Improve focus, clarity, and positive energy

  • Improve relationships

  • Discover and pursue your individual life purpose

  • And more!

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Still not sure? Feel free to contact us with your questions, a real live person would be happy to assist you in determining if this is the right fit!

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