Who am I? Where am I going?

What do I need to know to get there?

What’s stopping me?


These four questions are the key to knowing what to do next. ISLAdevi is all about giving you the most dynamic and powerful toolbox to make conscious decisions and actualize not only your potential, but your best life as an empowered, Divine individual.

We know that life is busy, and change can be hard.

Durga Ma designed and piloted these programs for over 20 years, based on 40+ years of personal experience where she tested all of the material herself, to give you…

  • a step-by-step process 

  • clear, grounded knowledge in simple terms that only requires 5-10 minutes per week

  • powerful exercises to integrate the concepts in your own body/mind without extra effort

  • bonus materials to enhance your experience and make everything easier (meditation music, timers, etc)

So you can experience…

  • decreased overwhelm, pain, and energy leaks

  • improved focus, clarity, and positive energy

  • improved relationships

  •  your individual life purpose

  • support from a community of like-minds

  • and more!

If you are ready to quantum leap into your best life, consider joining our membership community. When you are looking to ensure your success, your best choice is to go with an expert. Don’t waste time and money with quick-fix promises.

We don’t promise to “fix” anything. We do promise it will change.

Are you ready?

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This is just the beginning. We are creating an interactive global community, because, despite the path of Self-discovery and Realization being personal, we stay inspired and committed when we are supported by others who are seeking the same thing.

Ultimately we are dedicated to creating an international community to develop a network of spiritual leaders across all vocations to promote conscious growth and sustainability for the world and her people.

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